Rules and instructions

En la tabla de abajo podrás encontrar las normas básicas e instrucciones para participar en la comunidad.

Video tutorials

If you have any technical questions take a look at the video tutorials below.

Our community

  • We want to be the largest community of musicians working with each other.
  • This place is ideal for learning to play your instrument.
  • You can create your own song with the help of the entire community.
  • We are not responsible for the content uploaded to this page, but the intention is that it is totally free, free of copyright and everyone can use it to decide the order including the commercial purpose.
  • We need your help to grow. Spread the word to everyone to know our community of musicians.
MultiTrack Songs works as a forum. If you are a visitor, you can navigate the community forum, search for songs and tracks and download them directly.

However, we need you and we want you in our community, it is necessary that you register on our website. As a registered user you can create topics in our forum, and upload audio tracks.

We will need some rules so that everything works perfectly in our community.

The main rule is, have fun and enjoy the music.

a) First, you must search the forum if you have already created a theme for the song you want. Just want a theme song, we do not want the information to be split in several places.

b) To create a theme we should follow the following outline for the topic title:
– The name of the song (artist).
– Name of the work, movement (composer).
– The name of the song (film).
– The name of the song (video game).

c) The first thing to appear on the subject, is the song of reference for all artists to record their tracks with the same tempo. The song reference shall be compulsorily a youtube video. And there needs to close the introduction.

d) In response asides, each user must upload the tracks you want, always in separate answers. Each response must follow the following scheme:
– Name headdress instrument
– Secondly you can add any comments that you want, even a video on youtube where you’ve recorded playing the track.

Necessarily the tracks must be uploaded in .mp3 format so that the community can make a preview of the file and can decirdir whether or not to download it.

Therefore, it should not compress files in .zip or .rar

As a bonus, you can upload the track in other audio formats (AAC, WAV, Flac … or even MIDI)

We need to share this website with all your friends across all your social networks, and all the people you can. Only then can we grow.
Completely free forever. This is a personal, social and fun project, and I do not want to make money with it. But the server has a cost and the domain also, so there advertising on the site and donations are accepted to keep the cost thereof. If revenues do not reach a minimum, the project will have to close. Thank you for your collaboration.

Video Tutorials